DID YOU KNOW — Bacteria, viruses, parasites and malignant tumors all thrive in a low oxygen environment?

The Chi Machine was invented by a Japanese Doctor, Dr. Shizuo Inoue in 1990 because he believes “that the lack of Oxygen in a person’s body is the root of most or perhaps even all disease”.

The Chi Machine uses a precise Oscillation — one set speed creating a balanced, rhythmic, relaxing wave-like motion throughout your entire body, thereby oxygenating every cell and tissue via blood circulation, thus enhancing your metabolic rate, aiding detoxification via the lymphatic system, and aligning your spine.

Oxygenation and detoxification of the body only happens through physical movement and are the reasons we are advised to exercise so that the body functions at peak performance, thereby making it harder to age and to ‘break-down’ due to inactivity, poor diet, negative energy, emotional issues, toxic medication, EMF’s and environmental pollution.

No stress. No pain. No drugs. No more excuses – simply lie down and relax while you use the Chi Machine. Health is MOVEMENT, which creates OXYGENATION and DETOXIFICATION which help create a happier, healthier you.

Movement of the body – consistent motion energy – creates cellular oxygenation allowing:

  • Reduction in muscle soreness, tension, stiffness, body aches and pains.
  • Improved flexibility of muscles and joints, more limber — spinal alignment.
  • Improved function and regulation of internal organs and body systems.
  • Improved circulation of the blood — activated lymph drainage and detoxification.
  • Alleviation of stress related conditions — headaches, anxiety, depression.
  • The brain shifts into a relaxed Alpha brainwave state — mental calm and focus.
  • Steady weight loss correction if under or over weight, or menopausal.
  • Sound, restful sleep — increased energy, a wonderful sense of well-being.