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Wellness Therapy Center


Dr. Gay is a practicing Chiropractor who specializes in Applied Kinesiology, Rehabilitation and Clinical Nutrition with a focus on Chronic Pain, Wellness and Anti-Aging. Dr. Gay utilizes many different modalities in his practice including micro-current and electrotherapy, Activator, Pain Neutralization Technique and Applied Kinesiology. He has practiced for over 38 years and owned and managed the Whole Life Healing Centre in Lakewood, Colorado, from 1985 to 2004. The clinic was a multidisciplinary center that has included chiropractic, medical, homeopathic, and naturopathic physicians, and offered acupuncture, physical therapy, massage, reflexology, nutritionists, and many different types of energy work.

Dr. Don Gay
Hours: 9-11:45 am and 3-5:45 pm
Tues. and Thurs.

Dr. Gay graduated as Salutatorian from Arcadia Valley High School in Missouri and he earned an appointment to the United States Coast Guard Academy. Colorblindness prompted a change in focus. A personal spinal injury and witnessing his father's battle with lung cancer led him into chiropractic and nutrition. He graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in January of 1976. He worked in a holistic cancer clinic for several years and then started his own clinic in Broomfield, Colorado.

Dr. Gay has been a preceptor for several years for the Alternative and Complementary Health Program for the Internal Medicine Residency Program at the University of Colorado School of Health Sciences. The program introduces internal medicine and other residents at the medical school to the concepts and practices of alternative doctors in the field.   

Dr. Gay now practices with the Wellness Therapy Center in Florence, Colorado, and while still doing Chiropractic, Applied Kinesiology and nutrition, he is focusing much of his time and energy on diagnosing, treating and researching Lyme Disease. This was precipitated by his wife becoming seriously ill and discovering that he and many of his chronically ill patients also had the disease. 

Dr. Gay has worked with the Univera Research Team, programs and products for over 14 years, and was on the Univera Medical Advisory Board for two years. He was initially drawn by Stephen Cherniske's unique theories on aging. He was very impressed by Univera's extensive Bio-Discovery Program that has now brought in almost 18,000 herbs with all of the cultural knowledge gleaned from native healers, backed by Univera's extensive scientific laboratories, research programs and exceptional quality control. He is focusing much of his time and energy in training others to utilize Univera's exceptional programs for health recovery and true anti-aging. Dr. Gay feels that Univera's current focus on the immune system is central in the fight to battle Lyme and other rapidly growing health issues.

Dr. Gay now practices in Florence, Colorado, where he and his wife Bridget currently have a farm/ranch and live with 10 Morgan Horses, dogs, cats, and chickens, and enjoy country life and running a working farm/ranch in Southern Colorado.

Dr. Gay is currently lecturing locally in Colorado and around the country on Wellness, Longevity and Anti-Aging.         



Ph. 719-784-9735
119 South Pikes Peak Avenue
Florence, CO 81226